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The latest essay, a love letter to Maurice Sendak...

Sendak is humorous, macabre, and an absolute delight. He's one of the most fierce and honest artists I know; to hear him speak about art, and about life and death is heartbreaking and calls you to love him even more.

'Tell Them Anything You Want' started with Spike discussing the film adaptation of 'Where The Wild Things Are' with Maurice. Whenever they spoke, on the phone or in person, it was vivid and full of things Spike wanted to remember, and Spike being Spike, the obvious thing to him was to bring a camera along.

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The magic of childhood, is the strangeness of childhood. The uniqueness that makes us see things that other people don’t see.
— Maurice Sendak | You have to take the dive | Tateshots

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SuperMC team ups and hip-hop mash ups:

The wisdom of the past is the light of the past. The light which is to be the wisdom of the future. The light of the future casts the shadows of tomorrow.
— Quasimoto (Madlib) | Madvillain | Madvillainy

May this playlist rabbit-hole you into new found music depths, reacquaint you with stuff you already dig, or quite simply give you the thrill of you and me being into the same beats.

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