photo: Marie Monsieur

photo: Marie Monsieur


Julie Smits

— founder
of This Savage Beauty


Human. Creative. Graphic designer. Writer. Overly enthusiastic person.

The Longer Explanation

I create original writing, both in copywriting for clients and articles under my own name, and distinct graphic design with a strong story or message.

  • Illustration

  • Graphic Design

  • Copywriting and Copyediting (General / Brand Voice & Development)

  • Blogposts and Articles

  • Essays (Experimental, Long-form, Personal)

With my creative agency, This Savage Beauty, I get to work with both up and coming and established talent. Together, we translate the vision and values of brands into the perfect story through design and writing.

Outside of my client work, This Savage Beauty, is my personal labour of love. It's an online magazine made up out of interviews, essays, and music. It's a collective. It's an experiment. It's an exploration. It's a project in process.

If you'd like to work together, then feel free to get in touch

Influences, Interests & Loves

Animation & Motion Graphics; Illustration, Graphic Design, Prose Poetry; Experimental Narratives; Filmmaking; Hip-Hop; Self-Reflection; Humour; Honesty; Vulnerability; Play & Discovery

Maurice Sendak; Tom Waits; Fiona Apple; William Blake; George Orwell; Nick Cave; John Berger; Steven Pinker; Neil Gaiman; Alan Ginsberg; Spike Jonze; Philip Pullman; Edgar Wright; Bryan Fuller; Edward Gorey; Roy Peter Clark; Wes Anderson; Amanda Palmer; Will Self’s non-fiction; Bertrand Russell; Maria Popova; Walter Benjamin; Alan Watts; …

Where to Find Me Online

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