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George Orwell - The Road to Wigan Pier

Orwell spent two months up North during early 1936, travelling from mining town to mining town to learn and write about the lives of the working class in England. Despite the serious subject, it's an excellent and engaging read, and it reminds you of what life was like before the founding of welfare states. It's also a lesson on why we shouldn't let the poorest within our society slip through the cracks.

True genius...all his anger and frustration found their first proper means of expression in Wigan Pier
— Peter Ackroyd | The Times
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"Fame" (John Savage's Secret History of Post-Punk 1978 - 1981) | twenty-three songs of sometimes messy and raw post-punk knowns and unknowns selected by long-time writer and music journalist Jon Savage.

...a snapshot of a brief era, heavy on invention.

The compilation has a mix of both the obscure (Noh Mercy, File Under Pop, ...) and the more well known (Joy Division, Wire, The Prefects), as well as a mix between dark, drawn-out atmospheric tracks and more upbeat ones.

Some of it doesn’t sound like anything that has happened since.
— Jon Savaveg (2012)

— Personal Highlights:

+ Caucasian Guilt by Noh Mercy a single minute of trashy non-politically correct spoken-word, solely backed by some trashing drums.

+ Heart of Darkness by Pere Ubu Tight, restrained, and tense—the good kind.

+ A Touching Display by Wire & A New Kind of Water by This Heat I like both for the same reason, they're dark, dystopian, and fit in with a '1984' vision—a world sucked dry of hope—aside from that despair filled description, they're excellent songs ;)

+ Sex by The Urinals shouty singing, banging drums, uncomplicated upbeat guitar play equals a highly enjoyable one minute point nine. The song slams open, no build up, no anything. Just starts, keeps going, and bang it's already over.

The Urinals switched their name to 100 Flowers and continued to pump out post-punk. If you're into their music or open to it, definitely make an effort to listen to the whole album 'Negative Capability', which you can stream straight from youtube.

Full Tracklist and Mini-Mix

Werner Herzog - Masterclass.jpg


Werner Herzog's Masterclass on filmmaking

An in-depth explanation of Herzog's career in filmmaking, filled with personal anecdotes and advice. Even if you aren't interested in making films, the course is still a fascinating first-person insight into Herzog and his work.

Academia is the death of cinema. It is the very opposite of passion. Film is not the art of scholars, but of illiterates.
— Werner Herzog

Masterclass shares the process of artists who have dedicated their lives to mastering their craft. If you're unwilling or short on cash, then dig through youtube where you can find plenty of interviews with Herzog. At the very least it'll give you a taste of his values and his sense of aesthetics and humour.

— written by Julie Smits

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