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Klutz Poster for This Savage Beauty | Design by Julie Smits

Klutz Poster for This Savage Beauty | Design by Julie Smits



Maria Popova on Egon Schiele

Visiting Maria's labour of love, Brainpickings, is never a bad idea. In one of her latest posts, a bundled edition of Schiele's letters and poems prompted her to write:

To be an artist is to have a particular orientation to the world — the interior world and the exterior world — the exact composition of which is somewhat like temperature, impossible to deconstruct into individual phenomenological components without ceasing to be itself.

— Maria Popova


...before letting Schiele's beliefs on being an artist shine. Aside from Maria's profound love for the subjects she writes about, one of Brainpicking's greatest strengths comes from the massive archive she's built up over the years. Each post is a treasure trove of interconnectedness that will lead you to more gems.

One needs to observe and experience the world with naïve, pure eyes in order to attain a great weltanschauung; — that is a living cult. — the proper tone is a book which, for some, may be nice to consult, but proves itself completely useless in the world; in other words, there are those who should live through books and those who exist through themselves; who are better? — that is clear. — Few see the sun and everyone else must read novels and novellas in order to finally realize that there is light.
— Egon Schiele | Egon Schiele: Poems and Letters 1910–1912
Vinyl release for 'Klutz' | artwork by Stephen "ESPO" Powers

Vinyl release for 'Klutz' | artwork by Stephen "ESPO" Powers



Aesop Rock 'Klutz' (single 2018)

Continuous flow. Continuous excellence.

"Here is something new - KLUTZ. Occasionally song structure eludes me and it feels good. No problem-solving or pesky hit chorus, just rambling. Klutz is such a moment. I had started a couple things to this beat before sacrificing it to the gods of not-shutting-up, but this seemed a fitting fate. I hope you enjoy it.


...back in my day we were 3x more alert, now I go through my old clothing trying to find nostalgic threads to sell, walk away feeling like I should have never dressed myself
— Aesop Rock | Klutz (single 2018)
Killer Mike & EL-P

Killer Mike & EL-P



Run The Jewels: Secret Metalheads

It's easy to get caught up in genres or to push one thing over another. So, it thrills me to hear musicians expound affection for music outside of their genre. Like Killer Mike & EL-P's love for heavy metal and hard rock:

I just like heavy music in general. Heavy rock and heavy metal and heavy rap and heavy everything. Anything that gets to the more emotional and dark side of music.
— EL-P | Run the Jewels: Secret Metalheads

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