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SuperMC team ups and hip-hop mash ups:

The wisdom of the past is the light of the past. The light which is to be the wisdom of the future. The light of the future casts the shadows of tomorrow.
— Quasimoto (Madlib) | Madvillain | Madvillainy

May this playlist rabbit-hole you into new found music depths, reacquaint you with stuff you already dig, or quite simply give you the thrill of you and me being into the same beats.

Upcoming Playlists

+ Savage 02 | Funnel of Love : off-kilter love songs that span the length and breadth of the twentieth century (July 2018).

+ Savage 03 | Smoking The Day Away : epic stoner songs, long and drawn to keep you company during a smoke out or a lay down (August 2018).

+ Savage 04 | Belgian Bred : a playlist that digs closer to the editor's Belgian roots (September 2018)